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Someone said that content is king and that statement was darn right. Today every business is going online and it is because that every business understands that they need high quality content in order to stand out online. In fact, quality content can help build a strong reputation for your business’s online presence. Getting quality content requires you to hire the right writers who will create great content given their experience and expertise in content writing. There are thousands of writers on very many websites who offer a great option to outsource content writing. With so many websites to choose from, which one should you choose?

Bad writers and poor content can adversely affect your business or website, therefore, you will want to outsource content writing to writers who will deliver quality content that will benefit your site. In this article, I have prepared top websites that you can consider you satisfy your writing needs. Your budget and standards will dictate the website to look out for your writing needs.


Fiverr is the place where you can outsource your content writing at a very favourable budget. Fiverr encompasses a lot of jobs that start from $5. You will come across plenty of writers who have been rated by other buyers or people who purchase services from the writers. Ratings will help you make the right decision when choosing a writer from whom to purchase services.
Article writing is the most popular gig on Fiverr with a lot of writers. The large number of writers present some challenges to the buyers when they are looking for the best writers to purchase services from. You will find that there are writers who tend to undercut their fellow writers by offering to write long articles for only $5. Therefore, buyers have to go through the ratings of the writers that seem appealing to them, a process that can take a lot of time. More often than not, you will find that the best writers have several orders in queues or sometimes they are fully booked, while other writers have no pending orders.
To get the best content on Fiverr, here’s what you need to do:
You have to know what type of content you need, sift through the several appealing writers and share your requirements about what you really need to two or three writers via the inbox.
Asking for samples from each writer is wise since you will be able identify the style of the writer and determine whether or not is appealing to you.
Don’t always fall for extremely cheap prices for very long articles. Remember you get what you pay for.
Writers on Fiverr may have different delivery periods. Some deliver the complete work within a day, others within three days and others may take even longer than that. Be sure to carefully look at the ratings and ask for samples prior to placing an order.


You probably have heard about Upwork. It is one the largest freelance sites in the world. On the platform you can find plenty of writers. This platform makes things easier for buyers because there are filters and skill requirements that reduce the number of writers to reach out.
The filters may include:
The expertise of the writer
number of previous clients
Fixed price and hourly rate.
If you are looking for native writers to outsource your content writing to, Upwork has those filters that will help you reach out to native speakers who speak a particular language fluently and have several years of experience. Prices vary among writers, you will find that highly experienced writers charge you around $20 per hour for 500 words article.
Upwork being a large freelance platform, it attracts plenty of writers, and this means that there are writers who are capable of providing quality content that matches your standards while others are not capable of giving you the best that matches your desires. Therefore, you need to sift through the filters in order to eliminate those that do not match your requirements. It is very easy to get started on Upwork, you only need to create a profile and publish what you need free of charge.


IWriter gives you an opportunity to select what type or quality of writer you want. Quality of writers is based on the star that other buyers have left for them. For instance you will find writers with 5 stars, others 4 star and others may range below the 4 stars. Those with 4 and 5 stars are usually experienced and provide quality content. On iWriter you can add the best writers that you have worked with before to your favorites list.
When placing an order on this platform, you only need to post your topics, keywords, and instructions, you may provide a lift of your favorite writers if you have any then send them. Unlike other platforms, you do not have direct control over your writers and you may end up getting quality or content or sometimes unsatisfactory work.
Writers on iWriter charge different prices for different number of words to be included in an article. Some may charge $5 for 400 words articles, others $1.5 for 100 words article and others more than that. When you find the best writer, be sure to use the writer every time you need content and one who will deliver complete work within your stipulated time.


If you really need custom content for your business, Textbroker is the site to look out for. It provides multiple price options, where you will be able to purchase content writing service based on quality. Highly experienced writers provide quality work that is rated 5 star. Ratings of content range between 2 and 5 stars. You will pay for services depending on quality of the content. For instance you will pay more highly experienced writers who provide quality work.
Textbroker gives you an opportunity to purchase content either by hiring an individual writer, by hiring a team of writers or by placing your order to very many qualified writers. Deliveries depend on the number of words per article that you want. For example you may place an order on the 3 star blog post you may have to pay 1.8 cents/word which includes between 400 and 600 word and is delivered within 3 days. You only need to create a membership account in order to get started and place orders based on the package and quality of writer that you want to outsource your content writing to.


WritersAccess is a writing platform that provides access to only US-based writers. This platform also has translators, content strategists and editors who are all based in US. Buyers have an organized and easy way to place an order. All orders are placed based on the quality of the writer. For example a 4 star rated writer at .06/ word will cost you around $30 for a 500 word blog post. Quality may vary among the writers, therefore always hire one who delivers content that matches your standards.

Ghost Blog Writers

Ghost Blog Writers offers blog posts for businesses on regular schedules. With this site you will have a blog writer commissioned to your account. You will be provided with blog titles, post and also you will have the content uploaded and formatted to your blog. Prices are different depending on the number of words you want for each blog post. For example you will be required to pay $40 for a 400 word blog post, and the price keeps o increasing as the number of words increase per blog post.


Guru includes different types of freelance fields with more than 1 million members across the world. Guru allows you to define agreements, define tasks, communicate and share documents with other members of the platform. Guru does not charge you for publishing an order on Guru, however, it makes money by charging some fee from the freelancer’s earnings. Orders on Guru are placed on basis of price and experience of the writer. The costs of orders are relatively cheap, and you might post orders on different categories such as fixed prices or hourly. There are prices which are below $250 for a single project and others can be more than that. You will receive quality work if you choose a quality writer. The first step to getting started on Guru involves creating a membership account, and thereafter you can start placing your orders.


ProBlogger is very popular about content writing on the web. ProBlogger contains job board that encompasses bloggers looking for content to write and businesses looking for bloggers to outsource their content writing. ProBlogger is quite different from other platforms like Fiverr or Upwork because it works like a paid job listing website. You will have to pay a fee of $50 for 30 days in order for you to publish an order. The prices per work differs based on the quality of the writer as well as the topic of the content. ProBlogger also includes other professionals like those who specialize in design, marketing, web consulting and web development.


BlogMutt is just like other crowd sourced article writing platforms that brings freelancers together. There are plenty of writers to choose from. On BlogMutt, buyers are charged $89 per month for only four blog posts. Therefore, on average they charge $22 per blog post. However, their articles are about 250 words long which is typically short for most online businesses.


AllIndieWriters is entirely focused on content writing. Buyers can either publish an order at a fee of $10. There are high quality writers on this platform who offer services at very affordable prices. If you are looking to hire a writer for a high quality white paper, it will cost you well over $1,000. To get started to only need to follow a few instructions where you will fill out a simple form, choose a budget that suits you and then have the payment processed so that your job can be published.

Choosing the best website to get quality content that is affordable depends on your standards and your budget. Knowing what you want will help you sift through the writers in various platforms so that you can reach a candidate that matches your requirements or standards. If you want to hire a writer who is native speaker of the language that you want, you should choose to that website that makes it easy or you to identify the native speakers. Generally, you need to focus on the website that addresses your needs and is within your budget. If you are happy with the quality you can try other writers in the platform and if still the content is no very appealing, you can move on to another website.