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Today, having a website is very important. The best thing is that a site doesn’t have to be complicated, thus creating one is very easy. An online portfolios will help you boost your professional image or brand. This will give you to track your achievements and attract other people towards you. A website builder makes it simple for you to build your website for different niches without any difficulties. They are easy to manage in terms of being SEO friendly, easy to navigate as well as integrate with other social networks that can give you more coverage.
We have selected the best websites that you can make and manage online.

Wix is actually a free website builder that allows you to customize your website to anything you would like without having to be an expert in coding. You choose amazing themes from numerous free themes that are available on Wix. This website builder allows you to showcase your work such as the photography work in an amazing and easy way. Wix will make your website building process fun given the simple steps that you need to follow and the many themes that you can choose from.

Wordpress is a popular website builder among very many people who want to showcase their talents. It is very easy to create and manage, and can allow you to showcase your site in a single page or several pages. WordPress has so many themes available for you to choose from in order customize your website. The best thing about wordpress is that it allows you to manage the features of your site without users realizing. It also, gives you the ability to edit your menu, add blogs, add pages and manage your content categories without the use of the drag and drop strategy. With wordpress, you can edit your theme any time you want and save all your content as data. However, wordpress does not allow you to integrate your site with Google analytics thus you can’t be able to track the number of people that have visited your site.

Building a site with site123 gives you functional and aesthetic touch. It has a simple and flexible interface that you can easily operate on without any expertise in coding. Site123 covers a wide range of audiences who are looking forward to creating an online portfolio in a fast and easy way. Additionally, it contains great customer services and support that you need for the best portfolio. The availability of very many free icons and image library provide you with themes and layouts that you can make your portfolio amazing.

SiteBuilder is a very simple a site builder in the market. Actually, it is the simplest to use to create a website and publish it as well as manage it. SiteBuilder gives all the tools you need to create your website and operate it online. It contains many templates that you can choose from to make your website adhere to your needs.

Weebly is a popular and powerful website builder that is great for ecommerce functions. If you are looking to set an online store, using weebly to create your site would be the best decision to make. With it you will be equipped with everything you need to establish an excellent online store. Although it has a limited number of themes, it is a great builder that can help you build a great website and you can add themes to your collection as you progress.

Anyone who would want to showcase their creative profession online, Squarespace would enable you to create an excellent website that is just meant for that. It provides great templates that are ideal for bloggers, photographers, artists, musicians, weddings as well as for those who want to showcase their restaurants. If you have large images to post to your website, the Squarespace allows you to do it in a simple and elegant way. Although, it has limited templates, they are designed to be very responsive make it smooth to use the site.

Webs has around 500 themes. However, these themes look a bit old old-fashioned. Creating a site with webs is quite easy given that it has the drag and drop menu. Its templates are quite outdated too coupled with the amateurish photography options. When creating an ecommerce site with webs, you will have to put a limited number of products which is restricted to 25 products, however, if you don’t want any limitations you can bigger package that goes for about $23. The site gives you a free domain name and three email accounts. Their support team is always 24/7 available.

WebNode is very popular and has over 25 million customers worldwide. Any beginner looking forward to build a dynamic website should think of creating one with WebNode. It is suited for all sites including online stores, blogs and portfolios. It is compatible with Android, IOS and Mac devices. The in-house editor comes with a lot of customising tools that allow you to create a website within minutes. With WebNode you can easily track your progress without incurring any cost. It is very flexible, thus can be able to grow with the growth of your business.

WebStarts is one of the simplest free website builders available. It gives you the ability to cover all the basic functions and features of a site properly. The editor allows you to customise your site any way you want. Ti is very easy to build a site with it since it has the drop and drag feature. The best thing about this site is that you can see how your site would look like on the other end while going about designing your website. WebStarts is actually integrated with newsletter platforms like MailChimp is compatible with all devices. You may choose to use the basic version which is very free or consider upgrading to a better package with more features.

There are over 20 million websites launched on Jimdo across the globe. This website builder combines creative and professional features that are great for various types of online ventures. Jimdo provides the cloud-free backups unlimited storage and bandwidth that can be enjoyed by customers. It offers multiple languages that can cover customers across the globe. The free package provides several editing tools and nice template options. If you would like more features, you can upgrade to a better paid package. Jimdo is often great of the start-ups as well as commercial ventures that are rapidly growing because it offers powerful ecommerce solutions that can be used to expand the customer base. It is compatible with the Android and IOS devices and it also provides with free web hosting, ad-free framework, SEO improvement solutions as well as domain registration.

An online portfolio allows you to market yourself well and get you employment fast. You will have a wider coverage than when you don’t have a portfolio, and people will see your work and even get people who will review your work and hire you. Creating your own website gives you an innovative way to customize it to your own personal taste. However, before choosing a website builder, you need to identify and understand your target audience, size and scale of your content.