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Construction is one of the oldest business and profession out there. Construction companies have to constantly innovate in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.
Just as they offer great designs for their constructions, they should apply the same principle to their website designs.
That is why we are introducing a list of some of the best WordPress theme for Construction or Building or Renovation companies.
1. BeTheme.
An amazing theme for WordPress, it is regularly updated thanks to a dedicated team of developers. It has sample website for school pages, modeling agencies, furniture stores and construction companies.
2. Stockholm.
This a great and simple theme, it is so easy to navigate that even a child can create a compelling site. It is multipurpose which means it can easily fulfill the needs for a Construction company design.
3. Bridge.
This theme is truly a great looking theme for WordPress. It truly has a superior aesthetic design. It has some incredible features that cater to any business niche including Construction.
4. Avada.
A theme that works great with tablets and smartphones. This is a theme that has been downloaded over 98.000 times, so you know you are not wasting your time with this one.
5. Builder.
Highlighting your work is what makes this theme great, especially for the Home Renovation business, remember a picture is worth a thousand words.
6. Avanter.
A great WordPress theme that includes the popular WooCommerce plugin, ideal for any business including of course Construction and Home Renovation.
7. Reconstruction.
As it names suggests, this theme will bring your website to the next level, they thrive on it. You can set it your own site with little to none effort. This theme is perfect for established construction companies and startups.
8. Arkitekt.
Whether you are an independent Architect or an Architecture company, this is the perfect theme to get your website started. It comes packed with every feature you’ll need to get it online.
9. Cleanco.
A very adaptable theme, perfect for any screen resolution, it also comes with all the features and widgets you may need to get your website online. Perfect for any kind of business including construction.
10. RT-Theme 19.
A truly outstanding theme for WordPress, it comes with many tools to help you showcase your services and products. Retina ready, meant for quality construction companies.
11. Tower.
This theme has truly no match in the construction niche for WordPress. It features a heavy focus on simplicity and showcasing all your previous work easily.
12. Renovation.
Especially design for Construction companies and alike, this theme is sure to promote your business to the next level, stylish and professional at the same time.
13. Constructo.
A WordPress theme suited for the Construction niche. It comes with a one-click install system that will help you set your website in a jiffy.
14. We Build.
This is a theme that truly never sees to impress. It’s mainly used for Interior Design, Architecture, Renovation service and Building Service businesses.
15. Bulldozer.
An extremely clever and very modern and ambitious WordPress theme meant for construction purposes.