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Today I bring you a post about the advantages of WordPress as CMS to manage your projects online.

And that is that WordPress has become one of the best tools for managing online content and creating websites. For those of us who struggle every day with the design of web pages, it is a fundamental tool , since it allows for very fine finishes and the hours of layout are considerably reduced.

Why we choose WordPress?

1: Simplicity and Ease to Use
WordPress is a content manager (CMS). We can define it as a system that allows the user to manage a website without the need for great technical knowledge. Therefore, it does not require programming knowledge.
With WordPress, you can create your own website, scale it according to your needs and give it the look that you like the most without relying on a third party. You can add to your taste pages, images, blog articles, … all in a simple way.
Its handling is easy and intuitive and its learning curve is short. Except for more advanced functionality you will not have to add or modify any code on your website.

2: Short Learning Curve
As I indicated in the first point, WordPress is easy and intuitive and therefore its learning curve is short. In a few sessions you will begin to master the main functionalities within the backend : create pages and blog articles, upload images, change the appearance of the frontend, insert content, … if you have used a word before you can create texts, insert audio or video from youtube, …
That’s why at the beginner level WordPress is a great tool, being its control panel very intuitive.

3: Quick ad Easy Installation
Most of the hostings offer through their control panel (cpanel, plesk, …) the installation of WordPress in a click and in just a minute . If you already have your domain configured in your hosting provider, access the application installer (Fantastic, Quickinstall, …) and you will have your WordPress installed in a matter of seconds. As simple as that !!!

4: Search Engine Friendly
I assure! Google loves WordPress.
Clearly it is the CMS that best takes with Google and is one of the best advantages of WordPress compared to other content managers. It is optimally designed to position itself quickly in Google and in the rest of search engines. Using WordPress you will favor the natural positioning of your website but you can increase it by enhancing your SEO with some plugins such as Yoast SEO.
The positioning of a website is fundamental to the success of any online project. No traffic, no visits, no visits and you can say goodbye to customers or sales.
One of the best advantages of WordPress is that it is dynamic , you can use it to generate good content that attracts robots and in this way favor your positioning.

5: Plugins and Themes
With WordPress the possibilities and scalability are almost almost endless . This CMS has a powerful market of free and paid plugins and templates that you can adapt to all your needs.
There are thousands of plugins that increase the functionality of your website . When you download them from the market or from a repository of payment plugins like Codecanyon you download a “built-in” program that you can install on your website in a few clicks.
You must make sure that the plugins and templates that you install are of a proven quality. Never bet on installing premium templates or plugins downloaded from pirated repositories. Surprises can be very unpleasant: spam, hacks, …
There are plugins for almost everything : photos, SEO positioning, web optimization, social networks, layout, security, … a plugin for almost everything you can think of.
The same for the templates; there are of all colors and themes: for business, for blogging, for photography, online stores, … you can download free templates from the WordPress market itself or buy some premiums at Themeforest and Template Monster.

6: Automatic Updates
You can update comfortably from your admin plugins, template and WordPress core . Although eye! It is always convenient to make a backup of files and database in case something goes wrong.
With a single click and in just a few minutes you will have your website updated, which will increase your performance and security.
Perhaps a negative point of the WordPress update system is that the process can be exhausting. Your website is very large and full of plugins. Check plugin updates almost daily. In my case I use a free tool called Manage WP .
This powerful tool is an extraordinary WordPress update manager; you can add as many WordPress as you want, make backups with just one click and centralize all your updates.

7: Huge WordPress User Community
Being an “open source” development, that is, free code, there are thousands of people who contribute and share all kinds of information about WordPress , in this way you will be able to solve any doubt or question that may arise. There are many forums, the official WordPress page as well as thousands of blogs where you can get information and maximize your website.

8: Multiple Users
One of the most interesting WordPress advantages is the management of multiple users. Maybe for your project you need to grant special permissions to different users. Forget about complex programming systems for this, you can register the user yourself and give him the role you want. It goes very well for forums or websites with access to private or premium content.

9: Scalable 100%
Being such a dynamic and functional system you can make all kinds of websites in WordPress: small corporate sites, online stores, forums of all kinds, personal blogs, infoproduct pages, … the limit is where you want to put it. You can increase the size of your website as you add plugins and functionalities.

10: The Best Blogging CMS
WordPress is the best system for any blogger to promote their website. Allows the creation of content in a simple way, organize and share them on social networks, upload photos, videos, audios, have a creative and elegant design, add custom forms both contact and subscription. WordPress has no competitor in the market for this and if it also helps you position yourself and generate visibility on the network, I think there is no doubt. WordPress is your best tool to build your website.