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It is very difficult to find someone who does not know what a blog is, maybe our grandparents, but in the era of digital communications more than one frequents one or another blog that we like for its content or something else. Well, to create a blog is not necessary to be an expert in programming to have one, you simply need creativity and some time to start. However, there are some decisions to be made before entering to be a blogger, and perhaps the most important is which platform you will use to create your blog. Many are the big ones in this area, such as Google Blogger, Tumblr (which is not 100% written, is considered a form of blogging) and the undisputed giant WordPress. WordPress is a great platform for creating content and it is used by millions of sites around the globe. As solid as its users, and so multifaceted that there are countless blog designs supported on this platform.

And now the question is another . Why is it so popular?

A solid base of users that collaborate in its extension and development , a large number of templates, widgets and plugins that you can use to personalize your blog completely, a great platform to separately manage the content of the blog and its design , and most importantly, it’s free. That’s right, you only have to pay if you want to use certain templates or professionalize some functions, besides having the option to create more than a blog, a web page, and start everything in a very simple and friendly way. It is very clear that no one is an expert in WordPress the first time, and it takes a long time to understand all the functions and options that this platform offers us, so, go ahead and become a master in WordPress.

In addition, with WordPress you can perform all kinds of web projects: blogs, corporate websites, forums and e-commerce since it offers multifunctional solutions for all types of users .

First of all I put you in situation …

What is WordPress?

This is the definition that Wikipedia gives us …
WordPress is a content management system or CMS (for its acronym in English, Content Management System) focused on the creation of any type of web page. Originally it reached a great popularity in the creation of blogs, to become over time one of the main tools for the creation of commercial web pages.
It is developed in the PHP language for environments that run MySQL and Apache, under a GPL license and it is free software. Its founders are Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
WordPress was created from the late b2 / cafelog and has become the most popular CMS in the blogosphere and the most popular with respect to any other general-purpose CMS.2 3 The causes of its enormous growth are, among others, its license, its ease of use and its characteristics as a content manager. ” VS

If you have not yet used WordPress or are just newbies in this world, you should know that these two possibilities exist when working with WordPress. Although of course, the difference despite being the same developer, is simply brutal.
Free content manager although it offers a paid version where you can acquire a professional domain and make your first steps in this system. Both the one and the other allow a series of limited functionalities: they do not go beyond a bit of design and the insertion of texts and images.
With this version the possibilities are unlimited . You can scale your project as much as you want. Access to the WordPress market allows you to give solution to practically any functionality that you require for your web page. Remember! There is no problem or feature that the WordPress Market does not offer with its catalogue of plugins.

Why You Must Use WordPress for Your Website?
Well, because WordPress is currently the most used CMS in the development of web pages. One of the main advantages of WordPress is that it is easy to use and with a relatively short learning curve. His figures are spectacular:
W3Techs to figures provided by the recent 2017 and collected by the web
Use of websites in WordPress in the network: 27.3%
Organized Wordcamps: 127
4,379 meetups across 73 countries with more than 99,301 attendees
Simply spectacular figures.
I do not roll up more … I’ll show you the main advantages.

Advantages of WordPress of Blog and Webiste:
– Simplicity and Ease of use
– A short learning curve
– Installation in a minute
– Web positioning
– Plugins and Templates
– Automatic updates
– The WordPress community
– Multiple users
– Scalable 100%
– The best Blogging system

As you can see, the advantages of WordPress are unbeatable, being for me the best of the CMS. If you are looking to make money on the internet or to exit your business in the network you must bet on WordPress.